4-guys-standing-photo-web-250x221This framework is built on the idea that men, non-violent men who support gender equality, have a shared interest and willingness to join together around the issues of reducing gender-based violence. CMAN calls on men to create a brotherhood coalition and a space where they can gather and network in support of this cause and each other. This coalition is a place that provides support, helps build confidence, hold each other accountable and empower each other to be agents of cultural change.

Your network of men can be organized in several different ways to best fit your situation and environment. For example, your group might best operate as a loose alliance of men or maybe a more formal structured student organization or club is needed. This program model could be utilized as part of an existing organization (fraternity, athletic team, etc.) or could be developed as a stand-alone group that focuses solely on gender-violence issues. It is also likely that your network will evolve over time to best fit your environment and organizational factors.

One of the first steps in developing your own men’s action network is to develop a powerful and straight forward “mission statement” that sets the direction for your group. We have attached samples of mission statements by various men’s groups who work to reduce violence against women.

Additionally, we believe that your men’s group should have a symbol, or various symbols, that helps identify yourself, and other men, as part of this group. This tells others how you feel about the important issues of gender equality and reducing gender-based violence. We have attached a sample logo that you can adapt to your own group or club.