Jana’s Campaign Inc. to Release Two New Public Service Announcements

For Immediate Release

Hays, KS – Jana’s Campaign Inc. recently collaborated with a public relations class at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in the creation of two short video public service announcements going live on Monday December 9, 2013, just prior to the end of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign closing on December 10.  The videos will be viewable on the Jana’s Campaign Facebook page and its YouTube channel.

The videos were created under the guidance of Hsin-Yen Yang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor for the Department of Communication Studies at FHSU.  Media Advisor Dr. Cynthia Garrety provided additional assistance. Contributing students included: Nicole Barnaba, Jayde Boyer, Lexi Copeland, Samantha Drees, Tiffanee Heinzen, Leah Shriwise, Jamie Sproul, and Brandi Wright, all undergraduate communication majors. FHSU student Kyle Zerr volunteered in an acting capacity.

Featured video “Conceal” gives a time lapse illustration of the daily hiding of scars, both physical and emotional, many survivors build into their routines.  Some things shouldn’t be concealed; gender violence is one of them.  Though the Campaign finds it important to emphasize its affirmation of the individual choices, sometimes forced or without better options, victims must make, society has no excuse for hiding from the problem of violence that has been proven to be widespread and tragically damaging to millions in our society.

An additional created video focuses on the early acts of abuse that often build up to physical violence and other more dire methods of oppression within romantic relationships.  By being aware of these signs of jealousy and control, we can all be better prepared to leave or otherwise handle these inappropriate acts of power.

Jana’s Campaign is very appreciative of the hard work of these Tiger students, and the ongoing contributions students and volunteers in general make to our Campaign to end gender and relationship violence,” said Eric Sader, Executive Director of Jana’s Campaign.

The video releases come at a particularly significant time for the Campaign.  “The timing is impeccable,” said Sader, “with December 10 also marking Human Rights Day and the four-year anniversary of the kick-off of Jana’s Campaign.”

About the Department of Communication Studies at Fort Hays State University

The Department of Communication Studies offers a variety of degree programs that focus on human communication behaviors in the areas of:  advertising, general communication, journalism, organizational communication, and public relations.  Unlike many other communication studies programs, at FHSU you complete a set of foundational courses to expose you to multiple aspects of the communication field and to help you think about a variety of career options. Then, you focus your studies in one of five in-depth academic areas that prepare you for your selected career path.

About Jana’s Campaign Inc.

In honor of the late Jana Mackey and other victims of domestic violence, a committed group of activists created Jana’s Campaign Inc. with the single mission of reducing gender and relationship violence.  “We believe it is our responsibility to use the story of Jana’s life and the story of her death to help reduce violence against women.”  Through our program activities, Jana’s Campaign aims to play a significant role in breaking the cycle of domestic and dating violence and be a catalyst for social change.  More information can be found at www.janascampaign.org.


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