Jana’s Campaign Receives Grant From Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation

Jana’s Campaign Receives $50,000 Grant From Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation for Teen Dating Violence Prevention

BCBSKS Foundation clr w tagHays, KS– Jana’s Campaign is happy to announce that the Hays, Kansas-based national education and gender violence prevention organization has received a two-year $50,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation. “Resources will be used to expand our ‘Love Doesn’t Hurt’ teen dating violence prevention program across Kansas,” says Christie Brungardt, co-founder. “Specifically, this grant will support a new and exciting effort to impact high school students throughout the state of Kansas through a partnership with the Kansas Department of Education.”

In partnership with Kansas Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teachers and Future Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) advisors, Jana’s Campaign has created an educational experience that includes both curricular and co-curricular activities to create lasting school and community impact. Through this educational approach,LDH-FCCLA-FACS-partnership-250x146 students are able to not only understand the issue, but take steps to prevent and respond to teen dating violence in their communities.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation generously funds programs and activities that support health improvement, health care access, health education, healthy behaviors and prevention initiatives in 103 Kansas counties.  Gender-based violence is a public health issue affecting women and men throughout Kansas and across the country every day.

The ultimate goal of the ‘Love Doesn’t Hurt’ teen gender violence prevention program is to help adolescents and young adults recognize and understand the difference between caring, supporting relationships and those that are controlling, manipulating or abusive. Because unhealthy relationships typically start during adolescence and then worsen in severity, early intervention is key.  Jana’s Campaign is looking forward to making a difference for young Kansans through this generous grant.

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