Jana’s Campaign strives to improve prevention and response to incidents of gender and relationship violence within the military context.

Although the Campaign is appreciative of the efforts recently made by military administration to protect our service men and women from sexual assault and other harm, the Campaign believes even more can and should be done to best reflect the caliber of those who make the sacrifice to enter military service.

Among legislation currently pending, Jana’s Campaign endorses the Military Justice Improvement Act of 2013 (S. 967 & H.R. 2016). This piece of legislation moves the decision to investigate, prosecute, and punish sexual assault in the military out of the chain of command.

Every year, nearly 20,000 service men and women are sexually assaulted while serving in the United States, but many never report their assault. Reporting may pose a threat to their safety, job security, and career. Seeking justice to stop rape should never be something one must forfeit to serve.

Write Congress and find a summary of the legislation at: https://www.popvox.com/orgs/janascampaign/militaryjustice.

The Campaign welcomes input and further suggestions to improve military justice. Please use our Contact page to let us know your thoughts.