Middle and High Schools

Love-Doesnt-Hurt-Logo-250x571.jpgNew resources will be used to enhance and expand our Love Doesn’t Hurt: Teen Gender Violence Prevention program in Kansas and in our neighboring states. Our goal is to reach 20,000 new adolescents with this effort. Program activities include:

  • Teacher training and classroom infusion of the Safe Dates curriculum into middle and high schools classes.
  • ldh-safe-dates-249x300Infusion of specialized co-curricular prevention programming including our service-project mini grants, Coaching Boys into Men programming and Bystander Intervention trainings.
  • Expansion of our direct prevention programming, which includes classroom and school assemblies as well as our gender-specific workshops including Her Toolkit and Man2Man presentations.
  • Development and distribution of materials and trainings for school counselors, school social workers, faculty and administrators on effective ways to prevent and respond to teen gender violence.


Colleges and Universities

New resources will be used to develop, implement and expand programming activities that are designed to prevent and respond to campus gender violence both regionally and nationally. Our goal is to reach an additional 200 colleges and 200,000 new college students. Programming activities include:

  • Enhancement and expansion of our higher education regional conferences and workshops that train college personnel on preventing and responding to campus gender violence.HCSS-Plain-Logo250x97
  • Expansion of our direct prevention programming to regional colleges and universities, which includes Bystander Intervention training, coordinated campus response teams and the Campus Men’s Action Network.
  • Development and implementation of the National Gender Violence Curriculum Infusion Repository, which will provide important resources for college faculty members interested in infusing this subject matter into their coursework.


Community-Wide Education

New resources will be used to broaden our impact through our various community-wide educational programming strategies across Kansas and into surrounding states. Our goal is to reach 50 new communities and 100,000 citizens. Programming activities include:

  • Expansion of our direct public awareness programming. This includes presentations, conference workshops and specialized trainings.
  • Enhancement and expansion of our technology and media delivery programming. This includes video development and use, public service announcements and social media strategies.
  • Development and implementation of incentives to promote community-wide collaboration between all key stakeholders working to better prevent and respond to gender and relationship violence.