Our vision is that Jana’s Campaign will play a significant role ending gender and relationship violence and be a catalyst for social change. We believe that working with thousands of other activists from around the world, this social disease can be eradicated in a single generation. Simply, we plan to do our part.

Our Philosophy

Our Strategy. The massive scale of social problems like gender and relationship violence is often viewed as so overwhelming that it hinders our ability to act. The magnitude of the problem often discourages many of us and lends us to believe that we are helpless in making a real difference. We at Jana’s Campaign view this situation differently. We recast the larger social problem of gender violence as series of manageable issues; each with identifiable opportunities and solutions. In essence, gender and relationship violence can be effectively addressed by tackling smaller related issues, one by one over an extended period of time. Many smaller incremental changes and improvements equals transformational change.

“Few will have the greatness to bend history; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in total of all of those acts will be written the history of a generation…. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage that human history is thus shaped.”

Robert Kennedy, 1966

We at Jana’s Campaign endorse a strategy of pursuing small victories to address this massive social disease. To us, many small victories equals substantial progress. Through our various educational and prevention efforts we believe the sum total of many minor improvements can substantially contribute to reducing gender and relationship violence on a large scale.

Jana’s Campaign has an unwavering commitment for results and impact that produces a series of small victories. Like building blocks, these improvements and program successes build on each other and reinforce positive change. We are a group of grassroots activists who have built an organization that focuses on producing results and creating real impact.

Our Prevention Approach. First and foremost, Jana’s Campaign believes that gender and relationship violence is preventable. The ultimate goal of our programs is to stop violence before it starts. Our efforts include primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches. Second, we believe that prevention efforts must address all levels of the social ecological model. This calls for comprehensive behavioral and attitudinal changes at the individual, relationship, community, and social levels. Finally, Jana’s Campaign utilizes evidence-based prevention strategies and practices that illustrate the greatest impact. Our educational programs are designed to raise awareness, reduce risk factors while supporting protective measures, engage bystanders, promote healthy and respectful relationships, and encourage the development of new social norms.