We are dedicated to helping middle and high schools and youth organizations reduce gender and relationship violence by promoting healthy relationship behaviors to ultimately create a culture of strong respect among adolescents. We utilize prevention programs, including curricular and co-curricular activities, to raise awareness of the underlying causes by highlighting the ‘red flags’ of dating relationships.

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“Teen dating violence is a preventable public health problem which requires a comprehensive strategy to stop before it starts.”

Programming Options

We will work with your school to individualize a teen gender violence prevention plan that will best meet your needs. Your plan can include multiple program offerings or can simply start with one pilot activity. Ideally, a comprehensive and coordinated approach is best to build a culture of respectful relationship behaviors.

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Our Work

Safe Dates Classroom Curriculum

ldh-safe-dates-249x300We recommend and utilize the comprehensive evidence-based teen dating violence program Safe Dates. This is a ten-session dating abuse curriculum designed for grades 6 to 12 and is best used in a classroom or student group setting. This curriculum is an excellent addition to a Family Studies Class that addresses 13 benchmarks and 29 competencies in the FCS standards. The curriculum is highly engaging and interactive and also includes a skit about dating abuse, a poster contest, parent materials, and an evaluation questionnaire.  Safe Dates materials include an instructor’s manual and CD-ROM. The program can alternatively be implemented in just six or even four sessions. More information on the Safe Dates curriculum can be found on the publisher’s website.

This $245 curriculum is available FREE through the generous support of Jana’s Campaign private donors and corporate sponsors. Just sign a Memorandum of Understanding to teach the curriculum and attend a teacher training to become a certified implementer.

Safe Dates training in January 2017 facilitated by Monique Litherland

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  • 11/23/16

    I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to bring your program, expertise, and knowledge to all of us at Riverton. I have received positive feedback from teachers and students as well as many expressions of thanks. You are blessings and your love for others shines. Thank you again!

    Linda Wassom

    High School Counselor

  • 11/2/16

    Awareness has definitely been impacted. There are students who are wanting to keep the “movement” going. I was approached by our Outloud sponsor (a group that is dedicated to positive choices) wanting to continue with monthly awareness activities and raising funds for area domestic violence centers.

    Kim Hoetmer

    High School Counselor

  • 10/7/16

    Hopefully first and foremost the guys will take Curt’s message to heart and own their behavior and how they think, talk about, and treat women. I think if this happens the rest will follow suit.

    Tyler Weinbrenner

    High School Principal

  • 9/13/16 & 9/14/16

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate your willingness to come in for my two classes this week. What a wonderful learning experience for all of us! I spoke with many students today about what we can do to keep Jana’s Campaign going strong. We are all brainstorming. Thank you once again; you are such an inspiration.

    Sue Ann Tebo

    High School Teacher

  • 11/15/16

    I think this started a conversation about what unhealthy relationships look like. I have already received feedback from teachers and students about things they learned and we are seeing students hold each other accountable for their behaviors.

    Crystal Witty

    Labette County High School

  • 2/3/17

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to talk to the Life Management class at Hays High a few days ago.  My daughter Emily is in the class and told us that you had been there.  She shared with us what you spoke about and I could tell that she had been thinking a lot about it.  It prompted us to have a really good family discussion.  Thanks so much for the work you do.

    Shelia McGuire



Workshops & Presentations

Jana’s Campaign has trained staff and board members who can speak at your school on issues of teen dating violence. We are available to speak and we can tailor our message to fit various audiences and the needs of your school. Topics can range from identifying dangerous signals in a dating relationship to promoting healthy and respectful relationship behaviors. In addition to full-group sessions, we also provide gender-specific presentations as well as in individual classrooms.

We are available for school assembly presentation, small group workshops, community groups and other types of speaking engagements. Contact us about your presentations needs and dates.


Our service project mini-grants allow students to put knowledge into action as they integrate issues of gender-based violence into teen dating violence service projects. These projects let students realize they have the power to make a difference, and their projects can begin to create real change in their schools and communities.

To learn about what other schools are doing, visit our Gallery.

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Watch our 2015-2016 Mini-Grant highlight video here

Watch our 2014-2015 Mini-Grant highlight video here

For interested teachers, Jana’s Campaign will make available limited mini-grants to support class projects and/or student organization service projects that promote teen gender-violence prevention. These grants are awarded on a competitive application basis. If your grant application is approved, the grant funding will be directed to your school to be distributed to your class/organizational account. For additional information, questions, or assistance with your mini-grant application, please contact the Jana’s Campaign office at (785) 656-0324 or email janascampaign@gmail.com.

  • “It was an honor listening to you talk today at school! Your presentation was very educational. I learned a lot.”

    Hutchinson High School Student

  • “It’s extremely important to be taught about this and be aware that it does happen. Thank you so much for doing this.”

    High School Student

  • “After learning about Jana’s Campaign and visiting your website, I was able to find the courage to leave an abusive relationship.”

    Newton High School Student

  • “I think it’s wonderful that we are getting taught about this in high school. I feel it’s extremely important to get the knowledge about this topic because it happens all the time. Jana is a big inspiration and it’s really amazing what you guys are doing.”

    Hutchinson High School Student

  • “Your daughter’s legacy captivates my heart and I’m so grateful for all you are doing to increase awareness. I am a survivor of teen dating violence/rape.”

    Facebook Message

  • “Since our work with Jana’s Campaign, there is a more positive understanding towards relationship violence. One of my favorite things I saw was one of the kids that got a t-shirt was wearing it the day after the assembly at a basketball game.”

    High School Student

2014-2015 Mini- Grant Video
2015-2016 Mini- Grant Video

The Counselor Project will provide high school counselors with education, training, and easily-implementable curriculum to more effectively prevent and respond to teen gender and relationship violence. This program will bring together a team of experts including nationally-known practitioners in the fields of gender-based violence and sexual assault, high school counselors, and instructors of counseling in higher education. This project will create a toolkit for counselors which will include information on student advocacy, school policy, Title IX compliance, prevention strategies, identification of red flags, response approaches, healthy relationship models, coordinated response team information, and more. Secondary school counselors consistently indicate that their schools do not have sufficient curriculum to address the issue, indicating the need for more training on red flags, mandatory reporting, as well as ways to directly help students. Jana’s Campaign is dedicated to playing a significant role in addressing this issue.


cbim-logo250x179Jana’s Campaign is happy to serve as a resource, link and a collaborative supporter by bringing a nationally recognized program Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) to high schools in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. This program trains athletic coaches to use their influence to help high school male student athletes to build healthy relationships and prevent gender violence. Over the course of an athletic season, CBIM coaches lead their players through brief weekly activities that address things such as personal responsibility, respectful behaviors, and relationship abuse. Jana’s Campaign staff and partners provide specialized training for athletic coaches, supplemental curriculum materials and ongoing support.

To learn more about Coaching Boys Into Men visit this page.

Coming soon.

All Secondary Educations Programs provide helpful information for parents. Additionally, please see the following three handbook resources specifically written for parents, and contact Jana’s Campaign with any further questions.

Tips for Talking to Teens About Healthy Relationships
Love is Not Abuse Parent’s Handbook for Children
Parent’s Handbook for Navigating Teen Dating Relationships
Teen Dating Violence Additional Resources


Secondary education programming generously sponsored by Heartland Community Foundation, Kansas Health Foundation, BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas Foundation and Verizon Foundation.



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