“It’s amazing how one person can touch so many lives. You were such a bright light in this world. You will be missed.”
– Jennifer Luck

“Through my tears at the memorial, I was so inspired to get active and do work in Jana’s memory. I think this is a great place to start and get us organized! Way to go.”
–Daniel Meyeres

“Jana was an incredible woman.”
– Kelli Brandt

“I’ve never met a person more excited to experience the world or more dedicated to changing it.”
– Trish Schroeder

”Our remembrance of Jana must go beyond candles, flowers, memorials and blogs. It must be an effort to make the changes that Jana fought for. So we have the duty to become informed, to become active in our communities, state and nation. We must respond proactively to injustice. We can’t assume others will do it for us; that someone else will pick up the torch and carry it forward. Jana didn’t wait. She didn’t assume another would do the job, and she wouldn’t want us to either.”
– Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

“I’m a better person for having you in my life. You were always standing up for everyone’s rights and making sure we knew when to laugh at ourselves.”
– Keith Redmond

“How fitting that we should gather here on our nation’s independence day to reflect on the life of a young woman who brought so many victims independence from injustice and violence. A woman who never stopped working hard, she was a fine example and the very definition of the word hero. Jana, it’s with tear-filled eyes that I bid you a fond farewell. To quote Elton John, “your candle burned out long before your legend ever will.” May her memory be eternal.”
– Jeremy Basil Dannebohm

“Marching down the street in DC, lobbying for NOW in Topeka are memories I will never forget with you, Jana. What a truly powerful woman you are. Your legacy lives on in me and so many of us. Thank you for your kindness and grace.”
– Shannon Babcock

“Your fantastic sense of humor and your endless work for change will be missed. I hope that we can accomplish the progress for which you worked so tirelessly.”
–Margaret Perkins-McGuinness

“You were such an inspiration to so many. Those aren’t just words. I can only hope to do as much in my life as you have done in your 25 years.”
–Teresa Loffer

“Jana was fearless and tireless and always someone I could call when I needed a fresh perspective or advice on how to proceed in any given situation I would be struggling with. Jana kept me grounded, thinking positive, and smiling no matter the challenge facing us. Jana was always there not only for her friends like me who depended on that brilliant and “always going” mind of hers, but also always there for the women of Kansas through her volunteer work. Jana worked so hard to ensure a better future for women in Kansas….we have truly lost a champion.”
–Marla Patrick

“Thank you for all you’ve done for all of us.”
–Jason Croucher

“You were a dedicated advocate for many causes and I remember when you were the lobbyist for Kansas Equality Coalition in 2006 spending many hours causing trouble up at the Capitol…Thank you for everything you did.”
-Tiffany Muller

“Jana – I miss you so much. I was reflecting on the times spent working with you – lobbying, sitting on panels together, presenting testimony, rallies – you name it. You were there, through thick and thin, working to protect and support the rights of women… You’ve made me, and others you touched, better people for having known you…Thank you for what you gave to this world.”
–Julie Burkhart

It is now our responsibility to carry her work forward. It doesn’t matter your politics, we can all find different ways to serve. This ceremony is not just about honoring and celebrating Jana’s life – it is also a “call to action.” On behalf of Jana, I ask you to serve. I ask you to “make a difference.” I ask you to make Jana proud, AND GO DO GREAT THINGS!”
-Curt Brungardt,
Jana’s Stepfather

“Thank you, Jana, for all the work you did for the right causes! The world is dimmer today without you in it. You are missed.”
– Joyce Grover

“What a horrible tragedy to a young woman who made such a positive impact on the lives of others. We need more Jana’s in this world of ours.”
– Hilary Morton

“Jean-Paul Sartre called Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara “the most complete human being of our age.” …I’d argue that Jana Mackey could’ve easily taken this title.”
– Bryan Luttrell

“The world has lost a shining star; you had so much potential, such a positive, wonderful person. You will be missed.”
– Heather Muth

“I can’t recall a single moment that I knew that you weren’t trying to make the world a better place for all of us. You never slowed down. You never gave up. You always had a smile on. The world is a poorer place to have lost you, my beautiful friend.”
– Brian Thomas

“I’m sure many of us will make sure your work goes on, and you are in our hearts.”
– Katrina Harris

“To me, Jana was one who had the ability to see past what many of us see on a surface level. She helped people who many deemed to be hopeless, listened to those without a voice, reached out to those who were unreachable, and showed compassion to those who were untouchable…I know that I must strive to take every morsel of regret, rage, fear, and sadness and make it into a positive. That’s what Jana would do, and I challenge myself and others to do the same.”
– Sadie Robb

“The last thing Jana said to me was “Keep your chin up!” I think she would want all of us to try and do the same now. Thank you for being inspiring to the world Jana.”
– Autumn McPherson

“She was a very inspiring woman. One compliment I received from her by email has been in my mind for 4 years now and will continue to give me strength when I need it. A person who can unknowingly provide great inspiration to the lives of people she brushes is rare and truly precious. Her absence in this world will be missed by many.”
– Cinnamon Cooper

“As hard as it is to imagine my own life without Jana in it, my heart aches more for a world without Jana. She was the only person I have ever known who had such an infatigueable spirit when it came to fighting the good fight for social justice and women’s rights and was capable of maintaining an outrage at injustice without allowing that outrage to turn her into an angry person.”
– Jennifer Luck

“She truly was the best person I’ve had the privilege of knowing and the world is a much better place for her having been in it.”
– Tanner Willbanks

“You rocked this world, Jana…You were one creative, confident, crazy, committed and compassionate woman.”
– Melanie Jenney

“You left us too soon, but you also left a legacy that few of your young age could claim. We are all challenged to carry on your dedication to peace, love, and justice. Know that you are missed, and that your life made a difference.”
– Bill Woodward

“I met Jana in 2006 when we toured Kansas with Words of Choice and I was instantly impressed. I have used her as an example around the country of the kind of incredible, smart and passionate activist who committed to improving the lives of women…Hers is a terrible loss, but the type of life she led is a great example and it will continue to guide our efforts to reach out to women across the country.”
– Cindy Cooper
Words of Choice

“I think it would be wonderful for someone to create another group or perhaps change the focus of this group to a place where people can post the community service or activism that they do in Jana’s name. What a terrific call to duty by her stepfather, and I think there are many who would like to share what they do with her family when they do it.”
– Jennifer Scale

“So eloquent. So charming. So motivated…This planet has lost one of the most talented and multi-faceted people of our time.”
– Sadie Robb

“The world lost a great woman today. Never was there a more caring, more compassionate, more brilliant, and hilarious woman with each of those qualities and more all wrapped into the heart of one activist.”
– Sarah Burris

“Jana was strongly committed to social justice, and in her memory, we hope to inspire others to share her cause.”
– Gail Agrawal,
KU Law School Dean

“Advocates are people who are on call 24/7…They do the front-line work with victims; they’re the ones who have heart. It takes a heart, and it takes being “honey on steel”, and Jana had that…she had everything, and above all she had compassion for others.”
– Sarah Jane Russell

“Jana Mackey was to the United States and Kansas Constitutions as light is to stained glass. She was intelligent, strong and a courageous advocate, fearless in her pursuit of freedom, justice and equality for all. Jana took the lofty principles found in our constitutions and worked hard to insure their protection and application. She was a remarkable young woman.”
– Pedro Luis Irigonegaray,
Human rights lawyer

“To a sister of the cause who was taken much too soon. We did not know you, did not laugh with you, cry with you, sit with you, dine with you; yet we are still somehow connected in our passion, our humanity, and our empathy and we truly love you.”
– Amy Sejfolla

“Jana was like the middle piece to the puzzle. She pulled everything together; she made things complete.”
– Sadie Robb

“I feel the need to honor Jana’s work and passion. She was truly an inspiration.”
– Gianna DeCarlo

“I wish Jana could see the legacy of inspiration she left.”
– Heidi Mehl

“I imagine creating a ‘run or walk’ that would take place in Lawrence on the 4th of July weekend in memory of Jana with the proceeds donated to a victims’ advocacy fund. I’m willing to work and keep Jana’s life in our thoughts and minds.”
– Susan Sanders

“Jana Lynne Mackey was one of those people who truly believed that the world can be made a better place. That can be dangerous work and she showed great courage by even taking on her anti-violence activism.
– Bob Simpson

“I never met Jana, but like her, I am also a feminist activist and a law student. I am angry that her life was taken away from her, but am grateful for the work she did for all of us by standing up for equality.”
– Dia Montgomery

“My heart goes out to everyone who had the opportunity to know such a wonderful genuine human being.”
– Madhu Singh

“To have known Jana, was to be around a person with an infectious and vibrant [personality. You couldn’t help but want to laugh with her or learn from her. She has made an impact on so many people and her memory will live through us all!”
– Chandra Daffer

“Jana was the kind of woman whose intellect could baffle those around her. Jana was the kind of person that pushed a smile onto the faces of her friends no matter how hard one tried to fight it. Jana was, and in my mind, what always will be, a person whose creativity was a part of the synergy that made Hashinger Hall a beautiful place to grow.”
-J. Reins Robertson

“Jana was an inspiration to all of us, to fight for the rights of others and to enjoy life in its entirety. I will work to raise my children the same.”

“If she had been able to live longer I’m sure she would have made a big difference in the world. But since she can’t, I will try.”
-Kathy Olcott

“I admire you for your heart and passion. You were an angel to me. I look at all this a though you were a martyr.”
-Tamara Quinby

“The world has lost a shining star.”

“She will be missed and ADORED, but will live on through everybody that knew her, within the collective power she believed in. While we are all shocked by this tragic event, let us continue her causes and enjoy life the way she did.”
-Bryan Luttrell

“Your fantastic sense of humor and your endless work for change will be missed. I hope that we can accomplish the progress for which you worked so tirelessly.”
-Margaret Perkins-Mcguinness

“The memorial was a wonderful tribute to women, in keeping her spirit alive, and “pay it forward” toward the good of others.”
-Mike and Michelle Schlyer

“I am so grateful for the amazing work she did for women everywhere through NOW. I rode her bus to Washington for the March for Choice. She worked tirelessly to keep the young and tired (mostly) women together, and that was not an easy task! She worked hard at the capitol, lobbying for NOW as well. NOW owes her a lot.”
-Jennifer Scales

“I will never forget her and her cause. She was about being real and helping others. I will teach my daughter about her. I won’t forget her.”
-Lisa Rooney

“I will continue your fight for social justice. Thank you for your service and friendship to Kansas Equality Coalition.”
-Jason Chaika

“I’ve never met a more beautiful person.”
-Tricia Schroeder

“The sky is weeping over China today. Madam Li Sias International University said that she had never known any family where this had happened. In honor of Jana, in today’s class we discussed “Making Each Day Count.” Jana made a difference in her short life and each of us will continue to do our part in her memory.”
– Cindy Elliott

“Jana tirelessly worked for our women’s rights at the State House in Topeka. Jana was a very special person who had talents many of us could only hope for. We can now only imagine where her talents would have taken her. Not only have we lost a voice for women’s rights, we have lost a voice for everyone’s rights.”
– Mary Cole

“Jana was an amazing lobbyist, friend, and an unbelievable “light” in this world. The women of Kansas have suffered a huge loss.”
– Marla Patrick

“I am a lobbyist at the statehouse and found Jana to be an incredible person. Her smile is one for the ages. Jana Mackey always shined bright and steadily.”
– Ron Seeber

“Jana was an amazing woman, a bright light in the feminist community and will be dearly missed by the women in Kansas who knew and appreciated her.”
– Megan Challender

“I knew her heart and mission in life. She stood for the truth and justice and human rights and was a true treasure to all that really were blessed by her presence. I am a member of the Palm Springs, California NOW and I speak for everyone in the chapter that this beautiful soul will be missed but what she has done for all of us women will never be forgotten.”
– Linda Starr

“I never had the opportunity to meet Jana, but I so appreciate her work on behalf of the many, many women she would never meet. She cared so much and always tried to give a voice to the voiceless. Her dedication and light to the world can never be extinguished.”
– Vicki Price

“Jana is a martyr to the cause of rights and respect for women. Jana lives in Love and Light.”
– Joan Breit

“When I listened to the people speak at the funeral, I began to reflect on my own life and Jana’s legacy. I think Curt put it well when he said that Jana wants us to make a difference. I have not always been the most dedicated servant to civic causes. However, Jana has inspired me to think differently and take my love for leadership and apply it to causes that will create positive change for those who do not have the power to change.”
– Tony Andenoro

“Jana was an extraordinary woman who impacted so many people’s lives. Life will never be the same without her bright and engaging personality, wonderful disposition, and drive and capacity for taking care of those less fortunate.”
– Debra Prideaux

“Jana IS legendary. The world has been robbed of someone who had SO much to give the. She’s the person who I really thought I’d see in DC representing us someday. I am very dedicated to carry on her legend.”
– Teresa Loffer

“I feel compelled to become more involved in some of the issues she campaigned for wholeheartedly, and I have an overwhelming desire to make her proud. She is, was, and will continue to be an inspiration.”
– Heidi Brown

“Jana is one of the most AWESOME people I’ve ever met. I truly believe that our community is less of a place without her.”
– Rachel Ybarra

“Jana was truly one of the kindest, warmest people I ever knew. She was always friendly and smiling, and could make you feel like the most important person in the world.”
– David Best

“I grieve not only the personal loss of this bright young woman, but the loss of a young idealistic person interested in public service. Young people interested in politics and public affairs are rare indeed. Young people with her talents and intellect are rarer still.”
– Marty Keenan

“I have been working to make this a better world for all of us for a while now. Jana was a kindred spirit, and now we will have to re-double our efforts to honor her memory. As one falls, the rest must keep going to honor the commitments made by all. We move forward because we honor our commitment and our friends’ commitments too. Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” I couldn’t agree more. I see the legacy of Jana, and all of the others I’ve known over the years who didn’t get the chance to see the fruition of their work, to be just that, moving forward, always striving for the next finger hold or toehold against the tide of thuggery, of obstenance and bigotry.”
– Jeff

“Jana gave a voice to those in our society who too often were ignored, victimized or even persecuted. She was deeply committed to social justice, and to the belief that equality wasn’t just a word, but something you must strive for. She advocated not for civil rights, or women’s rights, or gay rights, but for human rights-for the right of everyone to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in his or her own way.”
– Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

“It seems to me in this time of shared witnessing and on this Beautiful day…we are being given the opportunity to stand to all that is right and good in our world because of this woman.”
– Sarah Jane Russell

“Not for Jana would personal success be measured by the size of the numbers on her paycheck. Her “eyes on the prize-in-the-distance” gazed not toward Wall Street and large law firms with long names for founding partners, but to a clear we-can-do-it vision of “social justice” –for women, for gays and lesbians—for all those whose voices were too rarely heard—or listened to—in the corridors of power. Jana would make a difference, and the larger and small steps our society took toward human rights would be the measure of her success.”
– Gail Agrawal,
Dean of the KU Law School

“So now, as we celebrate Jana’s life with thoughts and memories, let us truly remember her and honor her by picking up the fallen torch –that Jana has left us, and carrying her causes forward.”
– Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

“Know that no one could ever be compared to Jana, but I do wish to take my share of the 1100 torches passed along in her honor and help others light their own. “Helping others” and “Making change” take on whole new meanings.”
– Rindi Zimmerman

“Through it all, you continued to fight for your many social causes. I may not have always agreed with the cause, but I always took great pride in your passion and courage as you fought to make the world a better place.”
– Christie Brungardt,
Jana’s mother

“Jana had a deep drive for social justice – her work over the last five years is littered with examples of her passion to make “this world a better place.” She believed so deeply about this world, this country, and this state. As a young adult, she was determined “to make a difference” in such a positive way.”
– Curt Brungardt,
Jana’s stepfather

“It seems to me…by answering the call of this question with actions that speak truth to power…and that push for change…we will honor and bear witness to the passionate life of Jana Lynne Mackey.”
– Sarah Jane Russell

“It is our hope, the family’s hope – that her life and her death are motivation for all of us to pick up her torch. That her single torch is now being passed to all of us – one torch has now turned into 1100 torches. Eleven hundred people seeking to make this world a better place – eleven hundred making a real difference.
– Curt Brungardt,
Jana’s stepfather

“Dear Christie and Curt, I’m so glad we had a chance to talk this morning. I know Jana would be proud of what you’re doing to use this as a chance – “a window of opportunity” for good things to happen. It’s what she lived for.”
– Nancy Boyda
U.S. Congresswoman

“I promise a movement is already happening…”
– Shannon Reid

“Jana was truly one of a kind, and all of us who worked with her were part of the fan club. We are holding all who loved her in our hearts and minds and wish you peace and love.”
– Kim Gandy,
NOW President

“Jana’s glow can still warm our hearts and change the world.”
– Laura Kelly
Kansas Senator

“Jana clearly made a greater impact in her 25 years than many individuals do in a lifetime. She will be greatly missed.”
– Jerry Moran
U.S. Congressman

“She always made a difference and was willing to go the extra mile. She was a remarkable young woman – full of life, full of passion, a great advocate and role model.”
– Kathleen Sebelius
Kansas Governor

“Know that Jana’s memory will not be forgotten.”
– Mark Parkinson,
Kansas Lieutenant Governor

“I didn’t know anyone that loved life as much as Jana – her warmth, compassion, and dedication to all she did was truly an inspiration to all fortunate enough to have her in their lives.”
– Kerri Hudson & Brenton Sullivan

“Jana was a beautiful love that touched many, including me.”
– Dan

“I feel for the few souls who didn’t get the blessings of knowing her.”
– Anonymous

“I feel honored to have met such a genuine and wonderful human being.”
– Madhu Singh

“She touched my life and inspired me to be great like her. I only hope I can make as big a difference in the world that she did.”
– Chelsey Gillogly

“I declared myself the president of the Jana Mackey Fan Club. The word that comes to mind for me when thinking of Jana is “beautiful.” There was no way in which she was not filled with beauty. It enveloped her, it exuded from her, she walked in it. I miss her and I am proud to say I knew her.”
– Lara Mann

“The tragedy of the situation is that the world lost a beautiful young woman who was going to make this a better place to live.”
– Anne Bemis

“I thought I would share my inspiration with you. Though I did not know Jana, she has lit a new fire in my life. I’ve always dreamt about making change. I believe leaving an impact on this world is important. “Change the World” is a huge statement. It is intimidating and it’s always seemed out of reach to me. Now? Now I don’t have a choice but to make a difference and change the world.”
– Rindi Zimmerman

“This woman walked in the willingness to live her life courageously…to serve others without fail…to bring joy and laughter to all…to act with integrity by respecting all equally and without judgment. She fiercely believed in the power and strength of a community who agrees to join together to do the work that needs to be done. Jana…we thank you for these Truths.”
– Sarah Jane Russell

“After hearing about the celebration of life you had in her honor, I was touched by the words that Curt delivered. Though the details were relayed to me second hand, I could clearly hear Curt’s voice calling for action in her memory. It was easy for us to continue to mourn the great loss, but it would be remarkable for us to rally around Jana’s causes. Perhaps it’s our turn now to continue the work Jana was unable to complete. Certainly she accomplished more in her short lifetime than many of us could ever dream of.”
– Andrea Crees

“I want you to know that if there is ever anything I can do to help keep the hope and Jana’s message alive…you can count on me. You can count on me! I’m ready to fight. Not only for my daughter but also for yours.”
– Andrea Crees

“It’s amazing to me how someone so young acted on her passions in such a strong way to touch so many lives.”
– Katie Stucky

“What a proud feeling that must be to know Jana was making a difference. I am sure she started some wheels turning and trust her colleges will see the need to fight the fight where she left off.”
– Dave and Cheerie Baker

“Jana was such an amazing and incredible woman. She never failed to inspire all of us around her.”
– Marla Patrick

“I shall always remember Jana’s enthusiasm for life and the positive affects it brought to all people who were lucky enough to know her.”
– Linda Joslin

“Jana was a “shining star” and we feel blessed to have known her.”
– Linda Palmberg

“I hope that you and your family can find some comfort in knowing that Jana’s death will surely result in some good things being expressed in other people’s lives. I know that other young women will find inspiration in the way she lived, the causes she championed, and the mark she left on the world.”
– John Bird

“Jana had done so much to help improve the lives of others. She was a true humanitarian.”
– Craig and Lisa
Ryan and Brandon

“The world needs Jana. She was such a bright light.”
– Joan and Andy Brandt

“She’s inspiring and she’s changing the world even as you read this.”
– Rindi Zimmerman

“Jana was a compassionate advocate and her young legacy will continue. She accomplished so much in her short life.”
– Juliene Maska

“Jana was such a fierce advocate-I hope she inspires many others to step up and do the same.”
– Jean Rosenthal

“Jana represents all that is good in this life – love, laughter, and pure joy.”
– 2 Salsa Friends

“I had the honor of being in her presence several times, and she lit up the room. Once Jana arrived, the party started.”
– Anonymous

“Her cause and her memory will live on through the hundreds of people that knew her and knew of her and her dedication to creating meaningful change and progress to improve our world and society through her humanitarian efforts. What an incredible legacy to leave and be proud of.”
– Becky Pfeifer

“I’m sure you’ll never know the full impact of her life on others, but it’s obvious she touched many. The strength and determination she showed will give strength to many, even ones she never met.”
– Gary and Becky Catlin

“She was such a beautiful ray of sunshine, and brought joy into so many lives. She will be remembered for her giant heart, her dedication to the causes she believed in, and the strength to stand up for what she felt was right.”
– Jennifer Christensen

“When the sharp edges of our grief have softened, you might think about this observation by Mahatma Gandhi, himself trained in law. It will always bring Jana to my mind. Gandhi said, “A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history.” Jana was not given enough time to personally alter the course of history. But, in this room, gathered here today, is all the evidence we need – proof beyond any reasonable doubt – that where Jana Mackey was, determined young spirits gathered – frequently on her famous front porch – drawn by her passion, by her powerful and beautiful voice, drawn to her mission by their faith in her causes. Not this day- but soon enough- it will fall to them, to all of us, to take up Jana’s causes and carry on. She would have expected – and accepted – no less.”
– Gail Agrawal,
Dean of the KU Law School

“She was also an amazing woman who could change the world. She was inspirational to so many people. Her loss is a great sorrow to this world.”
– Christy and Trent McCarty

“The world has lost a bright star.”
– Carol Shepherd

“Jana’s all too short life was filled with such Compassion, Hope, and Love. Her Spirited dedication brought such joy and strength to others. May her legacy be realized through the actions of lives she touched and the vision she gave to those who will make a difference in her honor.”
– The Gilloglys

“She accomplished so much and was such a passionate person. She will be missed, but know she is in heaven probably organizing something fun.”
– Rae Smith

“I wanted you to know how privileged I was to participate in the celebration of Jana’s life. What a remarkable young woman! Her dreams, hopes, and aspirations are now immortalized and we are challenged to have the courage to do what Jana would do.”
-Mari Tucker